How to create a Blog using

Wordpress is another popular platform to create websites.   Wordpress content management system has been around for quite awhile.   Let's get started

First go to and click the "Get Started" in the upper right corner.

Next asks you to fill out the following form.  We're going to go with "The Keto Heid", a diet blog where we're going to "share ideas, experiences, updates, reviews, stories, videos, or photos."   Now, You pick your own answers for this one!  However, for the sake of this How-To we're going to be a beginner at creating a website.  Click "Continue" at the bottom when your ready to move on to the next screen. Let's Create A Site Form.jpg

Now...  If you haven't seen my post titled, "A Domain Name.  The fist thing you'll need for your small business."  You should really go read it!   It's what I use, and provides me with some extra benefits since I use G-Suite for email.

The next screen is going to come up with domain names for your new site.  You put in your site name and keywords to describe it.   Then it goes out and searches for available domain names.  Since my site for this demo is going to be called "The Keto Heid" and it's going to be "A Keto Diet Blog", I used those words in the search.   For this How-To I'm going to accept the "Free" option Give your site an address screen.jpg

The next screen asks us to pick our plan.  For this How-To I'm going to pick the "Start with Free" plan.    There will be a future "How-To", if we decide to upgrade our plan and pick a domain. Pick a plan that's right for you.png

Next we have to create an account.   I'm big on using a different account per service if possible and use my password manager ( to keep track of the credentials. create your account.jpg

Now we wait until we see this screen.  In the meantime we can validate our account and email address.   Check your inbox for the validation email. validate your account screen.jpg

There you have it your blog has been created. gives you a checklist of things to complete now that you have your own website.    We'll step through those setup tasks in another How-To. Your site has been created screen.jpg

Thanks for reading!  If you know someone who could use this "how-to" please share it using one of the links below!   If you have feedback regarding this post please email