SEO: How to master Keywords and phrases on your site.

When you do a search in your favorite search engine, you're asking that search engine to find sites that relate to the words in the search bar.   There are some keywords are more heavily searched then others.   There's also some keywords that have more people desperately trying to get to that top spot.   Google has a tool that can help identify keywords, their popularity, and the level competition associated.  That tool is called the Keyword Planning Tool.  A little anti-climatic I know...

How do you get to the Keyword Planner Tool?

Here's a link to the home page for google ad words.  You'll need to create or associate your google account with google ads in order to use it.   Once your into the google ads home screen you can find the keyword planner tool under the planning menu.

Google Ads Homepage.Keyword Planner tool.jpg

In the Keyword Planner Tool, select "Find Keywords".  


Like it says in the text field for the "Find Keywords" search.  Enter words, phrases, or a URL related to your business.   I'm going to use these terms in my search: SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Search Ranking.


Hit the search button and be prepared for some results!  So now what.   The 3 most important columns to focus on and filter by are Avg. Monthly Searches and Competition.   Avg. Monthly search is the number of times that keyword has shown up in a search.   Competition is roughly how many people are trying to rank high on that search term for advertising.  (Your competition!) If you find a keyword that has a large amount of Monthly Searches but a low Competition, the better your odds are for raking higher.  However if your writing a blog post about SEO, all of the terms listed will help you rank better in google's search results.


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