SEO: What are "Back Links" and how do you create them?


What are Back Links?

Back links are very simply links back to your site.   The search engines crawl the internet indexing everything in their path.   When they come across a link back to your site, it makes your site look better.   It also is based on the quality of the site with the link. Your website will look better if the search engine finds a backlink on a well known blog, news site, service directory, or review.  The theory behind this is simple. If your site produces good enough content to be mentioned on other well known sites, your content must be pretty good!


How do you create Back Links?

Something I probably haven’t stressed enough in this series is the quality of your content.   This step in SEO is where having good quality content comes in handy. Hopefully the reason you have a website is you have something to share.   This step is all about sharing it. Here’s some ideas to help get your content out there to generate links back to it.

  • Guest Blog Post:   Was there a blog that helped you along your way of becoming an expert, or start your business?   See if that blog would be willing to let you do a Guest Post! A guest post is where you write an post for a well known blog.  Informing that blogs audience that you exist, what you have to offer, and where to find you.

  • Solicit Reviews:  Do you have a good or service your trying to sell as part of your website?   Reach out to bloggers that do reviews, and see if they would be willing to put your offerings in their pipeline.   If it’s negative feedback, use it to look for ways to improve!

  • Social Media:   Share what your doing with friends and ask them to share.   Search engines crawl the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  They realize that it’s easier to share on those sites, so the weight of each back link they find on social media I’m sure is a little different.  Search engines don’t care about likes, followers, or comments, but you should! The more likes, shares, followers, or comments you get the more people will know about your business and what it does.   

  • How Tos / How It’s Made:  Do you know how to do something as part of your business that everyone should know how to do?  Do you have a products to showcase and tell people a little more about them? Create videos on youtube, blog posts, podcasts or other things to help show your businesses worth.  Just make sure you don’t give everything away for free!


What do you need to watch out for when working with a back link partner?

One thing you need to watch out for are groups that offer backlinking.   Some organizations are high quality and can provide a real boost to your SEO.   Others are more quantity over quality and post links to your site on thousands of sites that only post links to other sites.   The search engines will know if it’s a link only site and probably not count it as a back link and not help your SEO. Make sure you do your research when looking to partner up with one of these backlinking services.


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