SEO: Make sure you have High Quality and Up to date content on your site!


This is the last in my first SEO series of posts.   I hope you’ve enjoyed following me as I start my journey into Search Engine Optimization.  Today’s topic is probably the most important, since it will help with all the other steps. In hindsight, I probably should have put this one first on the list.

When you building out the website for your business, you should make sure you have relevant, accurate, real, and regularly changing content.  Meaning you should be actively working on improving your site. Either by adding new content, publishing to a blog 2 - 3 times a week, updating tags and headings, or making adjustments in design.   All of these things show a search engine that your site is still active and likely still relevant. Regularly updated sites tend to rank higher in search results than sites that are created once and never touched.

Here’s some ideas to help:

Start a Blog:  


Blogs can be very useful.  This thing your reading is, in fact, believe it or not….. A Blog!   I’m using this feature on my businesses site to show I’m engaged and active.   I’m also trying to give good info in my blog. Hopefully this is good info and it’s getting better as time goes on.   (You can let me know at!) I’ve seen a number of different blogs out there. Some range from news articles, product updates, art show locations, behind the scenes looks into process, or educational tips and tricks.   All of these things add value and credibility to your business and give you something to regularly write about on your blog.



Does your business regularly have specials?  Update your site every other month and provide some sort of discount to your customers.   Change, update, or maybe even create pictures or videos of the products or services you sell and add those to your site.   Update your about me section on your site as life changes. Get festive at holidays and add some holidayness to your site when the time is right.  Just please do us all a favor and wait until after Halloween to post the picture of you sitting on Santa’s lap!

Tags and Headings:

If you have a blog you probably know what these are.   However if you haven’t started your blog yet….


Tags:  Words or phrases that describe your blog post.  The keywords you researched earlier will come in handy here.

Headings:  These are the titles and bold print you give your items.   The line “Tags and Headings” above… is a heading. Again… keywords are important.

As you get your content, site, blog or whatever you decide to do out on the internet.  Monitor the traffic going to your site. If you see that your only getting 1 visitor a day, try different keywords in your tags and headings.  Keep an eye on this, since SEO is a never ending battle.

Hopefully these ideas help you in your journey. Make sure to come back and look for updates as I learn more about SEO, how it works, and how to apply it to small businesses.

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