How to build a blog, Wix Style. (Part1)

Websites are essential for every type of small business.   One of the more popular types of sites is a Blog.  I know, I know, you think I'm a Looney Tune for thinking a Blog will make a good business site.   However, a blog gives you the ability to create content for your customers as well as some fancy options for displaying that content on your business' home page.   A regularly used blog also helps with Search Engine placement.   The more regularly updated your website is with new content, the more likely it's relevant and shows that it's active!

I'm going to walk through how to build a blog using  Wix is a good place to practice.  You can create a free site and get all the bumps out before putting any money into it.   Once you have your wix site the way you want it, you can pay the monthly cost ($7/month for 12 months at the time of writing this.) and the ads on your site go away.   Giving your online presence a more professional look.

Without any further delay... let's get started!

How to build a blog, Wix Style.  Part1

1) Travel across the interwebs to

2) Click on the great big "Get Started" in the center of the screen.

3) On the Log In page, click "Sign up".

Wix Login.png

4) Now here you have some options.   You can sign in using either your Facebook, Google, or create an account.   I typically opt to create an account for these services. 


5) Click "Create Your Website"


6) Now we're going to have to make some hard choices.... What type of site do we want to create?   How do I choose?   Well for this "how to", we're going to create a "blog".   Everyone needs a blog!


7) Now we need to choose how we want to create our site.   Since this is a "quick blog" how-to, let's choose the "Let Wix ADI create a Website for You".


8)  For this demo, let's say we want to create a "diet blog" for our new Keto Lifestyle.  Type in "Diet Blog" then click "next".


9) For now, our new diet blog doesn't need any of these features.   We may want to add the subscribers option after our site get's up in running.   We're not going to select anything and just click "Next".


10) Like all new parents, you have to name your baby!   Let's call our new blog, "The Keto Heid".  Click Next!


11) Next it want's my address.   I'm not wanting any surprise gifts left at my doorstep.    We can add this later if we need it.   Let's click "skip"!


12)  Now it's time for review.   I'm pretty sure we weren't asked some of these questions... Let's leave them blank for now.  We can add more info and social media accounts later.  Click Next


13)  Now it's time to pick our look & feel.   I'm going to try the Sky High one, but I may want to change it later.  Select your style, then hit Continue.


14) Now... We Wait... 


15)  Nice!   I like the one on the left.   Let's choose that one.   We can also make modifications later if we want.



Now that the ADI has built a basic site, there's some "What's next?" videos where you can learn how to customize your new blog.

Thanks for reading!  If you know someone who could use this "how-to" please share it using one of the links below!   If you have feedback regarding this post please email