Rebuilding Propel Digital because of Side Hustle School

Why is there a refocus on Propel Digital LLC?


So I've gotten a few questions about what I'm doing with Propel Digital and what prompted it.  Originally Propel Digital was built to help a friend (and one of his friends) build a website for their Home Inspection businesses.    However creating their sites took a lot of time, and once the sites were done, so was the profit.   I also didn't spend much time on my my site because there wasn't a lot of incentive to.   

In October 2017.  My wife and I went to Atwood Lake's annual fall festival and craft show.  While I was walking around and purchasing a "I hope you you step on a Lego." coffee mug for work,  I found that a majority of the craft vendors didn't have a website.   I took a number of their business cards and followed up with some cold emails on helping them build a website.   I got zero interest from the handful of prospects.   Soon after that craft show my Son was born, and shockingly, I had little time to find new clients.

Because of my Son I took an added interest into my career at work as well as my health.   I expanded my regularly subscribed podcasts to include 2 Keto Dudes after a suggestion from my father.   I also got a few audio books from Audible subscription on diet and business management.  From there I found a book and a podcast called Radical Candor, where on the podcast they mentioned Side Hustle School!  At the time I didn't think too much about it, I had plenty of audio books and podcasts to listen to.  I also wasn't real pleased with how Propel Digital was going, and I was pretty turned off on the idea of the owning a small business concept.

However in the early months of 2018 we found out Baby Girl was going to be showing up at the end of the year.   It turns out, if you loose 50 pounds doing Keto baby's can happen!  ( coming soon!)  So, now the finances are a little tight.   We're working on getting out of some debt including student loans, car loans, Mortgage, and some emergency vet bills on the credit card.   I was also doing some landscaping outside and wanted something new to listen to.   (Secretly I was also thinking I should hire someone to do this landscaping because it was going a little rough.)  I remembered hearing about Side Hustle School and grabbed a few episodes.  It only took 3 episodes before I was hooked.   I setup my podcast app to go all the way back to episode 1 and download them all.   I'm currently on episode 296.

What is Side Hustle School?

Side Hustle School is a podcast where Chris Guillebeau, the author of "The $100 Startup" and "The Art of Non-Conformity", takes 10 minutes every day tells a story where someone has made a side income without quitting their day job.  Stories range from "British Man Earns $700/Month writing Fish Tank Reviews"  to "Single Mom Makes $15,000 from Astrology Calendar".  In each episode Chris breaks down each Small Business and why he thinks it was successful.  He talks about the tools used and occasionally provides suggestions on how to take it further, or warnings for where there's risks could cause it to not be successful.   All of these ideas have relatively low risk and don't require you to sell your house to cover the startup costs.   

Once a week he does a "weekly recap" where he reviews the stories from the previous week and why he liked them.   Once a month Chris does a "Extended Cut" where he goes beyond the 10 minutes to give more details on a specific strategy where his listeners have indicated an interest.  These range from how to use the power of observiation to find a need to how to work while on the road.

So what's the Plan Now?

We'll I'm still listening to Side Hustle School.   I've picked up a kindle copy of "Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days".   I've re-branded Propel Digital LLC with a fresh new logo and coat of paint.   Started a blog.   Created a list of services I use, mentioned on Side Hustle School, and some requests from friends.   I'm also on a quest to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Search Rankings, Online Advertising and so much more.   "Helping to Propel Small Business' Forward Digitally!"

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