Why should I use Google's G-Suite Basic for my small business?

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What is g-suite?

G Suite is web only suite of "office" applications.   Including email, calendar, online file storage, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations (like Microsoft's PowerPoint), google sites, hangouts, and Vault (e-discovery).   They're all web based so you don't need any software.  If you have an Android phone you probably already have these apps on your phone.   In summary,  they're a basic set of applications needed by most office workers or businesses.

So Why should I pay for something that's Free?

If you already have a google account all of these apps should be familiar since you get them for free with your personal google account.   So now your asking... if I can get them for free.... why pay $5 per month per user?   The biggest benefit is you can use the domain your purchased for email.  Let me explain...  In a previous post I showed you how to create your own domain name for your website.   Your domain is the "theketoheid.com" portion of www.theketoheid.com, or whatever you chose for your website.  So for $60 a year for one person, you can send email as Josh.heid@theketoheid.com instead of @gmail.com with all the benefits of Gmail!    (Spoiler Alert: There's an offer code for 20% off your first year at the bottom of this post.)

You also get the benefit of 24/7 support by phone, email, and online.   If you have issues with your email, document, spreadsheet, or your cloud storage you have a phone number you can call at anytime.   You'll get a live person and not a computer.   You'll also be a priority since your paying for their service.

Something else you'll get and in full transparency, I didn't realize I had access to this feature until writing this post.  Voice and Video Conferencing is included in the Basic plan.  Meaning you have your own conference bridge number, and video conferencing service.    With this you can send a special URL or Phone number to a client and connect up to meet virtually face to face.  (PS there's a phone app for this too, and it works pretty well!)   No you can setup meetings with your client and give them dial-in information.  I'm going to have to give this a try and report back.  

So what's so special about emails that come from my domain?

Let's say you've decided to cold email a perspective customer and your email address is Josh@theketoheid.com.  What does the @theketoheid.com tell your customer?

  1. My website is at www.theketoheid.com.  It easily reflects that you have your own website and what the address is.
  2. It tells them my name is Josh and I'm really from www.theketoheid.com
  3. I'm invested in my site or business.

Now what does the email address theketoheid@gmail.com tell your customer?

  1. I'm using gmail because it's free.    Well... it's true.  Any email you pay for will likely give you the option to use your domain.
  2. I could be using my personal email for business purpose


I'm a big fan of  having your own email domain.   The professionalize and clarity it gives is well worth the $60 a year.  GSuite is by far the easiest and cheapest option out there and it's already familiar to Google and Gmail users.  Having a business Google account will also come in handy when we get into the Search Results and how to tell if your site is performing well.   Overall I'm very happy with this service and highly recommend it.

Thanks for Reading! If you have any questions or would like some 1 on 1 coaching on how to use G Suite please email Coaching@propeldigital.tech for a quote.  If you have feedback regarding this post please email WhyGsuite@propeldigital.tech